On Labor Day weekend, I experienced one of the most magical mornings of my life thus far. The best friend and I woke up before the sun, grabbed some coffee, and headed off to the park for what I hope will become a new annual tradition for me in Colorado. As we got closer to the park, I started to see them. Gigantic, colorful hot air balloons being filled and prepared to launch into the big blue sky. As we watched (and took a million photos) I couldn't stop smiling and saying "I love this so much! Everything is so pretty!" It was like the lantern scene in Tangled, except it was morning time, and I was not in a boat out on the water with Flynn Rider, and they were hot air balloons, not floating lanterns. But still! ;)

It was a morning I will not forget. I have loved making fun memories with friends in this new home of mine, and I always remind myself to treasure every moment here. I often wonder how long Jesus will keep me in Colorado. This is kind of the first time I've moved and started a job that doesn't have a set expiration date. It's an interesting place to be...the not knowing what on earth the future looks like and what it holds. That is just life, though, no matter where you live or what you're doing. It's important to me to make the most of my time here (however long that may be), to live fully, to love deeply, to make new memories and traditions while still treasuring the old, and to trust Jesus with the rest.

Have you ever been to a hot air balloon festival? Is there one near where you live? What is a new tradition you have started this year, and what are some of your favorite new memories made?