LOCATION: Bear Creek | Colorado Springs
DETAILS: Striped Tee | Cardigan | Jeans | JORD Watch

The best friend knows how much I love to explore new places. Whether it's a few hours' drive into the mountains or a hidden spot five minutes from the house, I love it all. So the other day, we ventured out to a new-to-me spot that is hidden just down the road from home. I love taking it all in, every single detail from the tall blades of grass to the tiny yellow flowering plant most people would walk right past. The overall views are breathtaking for sure, but my heart loves the little details.

Guys, autumn weather is my weather. It's the weather made for my BFFs, layers. We get along so well, and when we don't and the conversation gets too heated, we just part ways for a little while until everything gets chilly again! It's a work in progress kind of friendship, but I think it's going quite well. ;) My go-to style during this most beautiful season is a comfy shirt + cardi combo, jeans, and boots or my trusty moccasins. I recently added a watch back in to my everyday wardrobe, which is the first time I've consistently worn a watch since working at camp...where you have to wear a watch because there are strict schedules and you can't be late and you aren't allowed to carry around your cell phone at camp (it's a distraction, obvi.)

I'd been looking for a while to find something that fit my style, and that's when I stumbled upon JORD watches. I'm slightly obsessed with rose gold these days, so I went with that finish in the CORA series. My mind was kind of blown by the fact that my watch doesn't use a battery. It's charged by movement. Say whaaat? Take that, Apple watch. ;)

Where do you love to explore? What is your go-to autumn style and is a watch included in that? Thanks to JORD, I am a watch wearer again, and am loving it! Check out their site and tell me which style is your favorite! 
Wood Wrist Watch