Last weekend, my sweet best friend and I hopped in the car, and went for a drive in the mountains. We had no particular agenda other than to see the beautiful golden leaves of the Aspen trees. We made a pit stop to pick up some chili to throw in my Stanley Vacuum Crock. I know, we cheated because we didn't make the chili ourselves. There just wasn't time! ;) We drove until we found the perfect spot to pull over for some trailgating and to enjoy lunch while staring in wonder at the mountains that had been taken over by autumn.

I love days like that one. Spontaneous afternoon adventures full of important conversations that need to be had, full of laughter, and full of memories made that we won't soon forget. Plus, this is my first time living through a full Colorado autumn, and I've made it a priority to experience as much of it as possible.

One stop wasn't enough for us, so we kept driving until we passed a sign saying "Sherwood Forest", which made me say "WHAT. WE ARE GOING THERE RIGHT NOW." Guys, you can't pass up Sherwood Forest...ever. We pulled in and I giggled as we turned onto roads like "Robin Hood Drive" and "Little John Road". It was magical. We found a spot surrounded by Aspens to sit and enjoy some hot cocoa in the woods thanks to my handy Stanley Brand Growler keeping the water piping hot and little tumblers that warmed my chilly fingers. Little adventures like this one are so good for my heart. Do you know what I mean? The fresh air, the spontaneity, the joy of seasons changing, and quality time with a best friend. These are the adventures worth taking time for because they are important and because they fill up our hearts with good things.

What are the things you love about autumn? Do you like to hop in the car for spontaneous Sunday drives? Do you own any Stanley products? I absolutely LOVE toting them along on my adventures! You can grab your own here. :) XOXO.