Hi friends! So sorry I've been a smidge silent around these parts the last couple of weeks. Lately life has been so full. Full of new and exciting things, new seasons, new friends, and new experiences. I'm still learning how to navigate it all, how to divide my time between friends while saving some for myself. I am an introvert, after all. ;) I can't believe we are almost halfway through November and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I'll be spending Thanksgiving here in Colorado this year, but I'm so excited to be heading home for Christmas to spend some quality time with family and friends. More updates to come, but I wanted to give you a quick little snippet of life currently. :) So let's talk about last weekend...

1 | Friends and fire pits. They made up my Saturday night. Oh, and a some smores time. Confession: I really only like the marshmallow and the chocolate ingredients. :) My friends, John and Mere, just had a sweet baby boy that I held and snuggled for the longest time that night. I just love the little ones at that age...they just snuggle and sleep, and sometimes cry, but that's okay. ;)

2 | GUYS. Sorry I shouted, but we went to see The Lion King on Sunday in Denver and it was so beautiful! Rafiki was by far the best singer, the costumes and set design were incredible, and the whole thing warmed my heart and brought tears to my eyes a couple of times. Ah! I love it all so much!

3 | I was looking through some photos from last fall back home and remembered how much I miss it and how beautiful my city is. Just 44 days until I am home for Christmas and can walk across my favorite Walnut Street bridge.

4 | If there's one thing I dislike about the time change, it's the fact that it gets dark by 5:30. The time for post-work outdoor adventures has ended for a while, but that's okay...it's kind of freezing outside. One of the things I DO love about the time change is getting to catch the sunset right as I'm leaving work. I love the way the light falls behind the mountains.