DETAILSStanley Classic Vacuum Bottle | Stanley Adventure Stacking Pint | Indy Brand Bear Tee | GAP Shorts (similar) | Chacos

We grab our gear, fill our Stanley vacuum bottle with coffee (iced, of course) and head off into the great outdoors. We don't get to adventure together as much these days since I live far, far away in the wild, wild west, so I especially treasure this time together. We hit the trail, and as we walk along taking in the fresh air, I think about all of the adventures and backpacking trips we've been on and all the things you've taught me. How to setup a tent, build a fire, enjoy the stillness of the wilderness...

There isn't too much talking as we walk. It's not that we don't want to or that we don't have anything to talk about, but you and I value taking in our surroundings, and sometimes that's best done in silence. Plus, I can't really talk AND continue breathing while walking up this steep trail.

We reach our destination and it takes my breath away (as if I had any extra breath to give). How I have missed these mountains I grew up in. The clouds hug them close, giving them that smoky look they are so well-known for. The late afternoon light paints the landscape in a soft golden glow and my eyes tear up a little trying to take it all in.

I'll pour the coffee into our Stanley adventure pints, and we'll sip and talk as we wait on the sunset. You ask me about Colorado and work and friends. You ask how my heart has been these past few months and I'll tell you it's fine, but after a few moments of silence, the tears will flow freely. I'll tell you about all of the hurts and the fears and the things that have been hard. I like to pretend I have it all together around you because I hate for you to worry, but your patient silence has a way of always getting me to open up and be honest. You listen well, remind me to be kind always, and offer wisdom that I hold on to. I've always appreciated the way you listen and give feedback without necessarily trying to fix everything. Thank you for that. I'll tell you life isn't all hard, though. There is so much good and so much grace and so many wonderful friends who make this place sweet. I'm getting outside and adventuring as much as possible to explore this beautiful state. I'll tell you I don't know how long I'll stay here, but I'm loving the time that I've been given, and I'll stay as long as Jesus wants me to.

We're losing light and should head back down, but before we do, you tell me how much you miss me, and that you wish I lived closer. I know it, and I miss you too (more than you know), but thank you for supporting me in this current adventure. It means the world to me. I love you, Daddy.

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