Location: Twin Lakes, CO
Details: August Ink Pullover | Aria Down Vest | Custom Chacos

Listen, I know we are a month into winter times here in Colorado (and snow is currently covering the ground), but I've still got to tell you about my autumn. For a girl who grew up having easy access to lakes and rivers, it was hard getting used to not having that in Colorado. I missed getting to walk by or be out on the water whenever I wanted. So any chance I have to adventure near water, I take.

When we started making plans for Sam & Amy to come visit Colorado, we all got to express our dreams and expectations for the weekend, and my dream was to take everyone to the mountains one day to see the glorious golden leaves. I'd driven past Twin Lakes twice, but in the dark, so I'd never actually been able to see it in all of its magicalness. Is that a word? Magicalness? Let's pretend it is.

We woke up before the sun, slowly made it to the car, stopped for coffee, and headed on our way through the mountains and into the woods. As we drove further through the mountains, the skies filled with clouds and the temperatures started dropping. Let's just say I was prepared for a mild autumn day, and Colorado said "no, no, no." It was freezing. FREEZING. And windy. But we made the most of it by running around screaming and laughing and trying to fight the wind. The wind won.

Despite the unexpected weather, we had a great time exploring together, wandering through the woods and along the shore of the lake taking in the breathtaking views of the mountains sprinkled in gold.

Various Photos By: Elah Tree | Oak + Oats | Taking Steps Home