A Summer List

Yes, yes I know we are already halfway through summer. But here in Colorado it didn't start feeling like summer until July. We still have snow on the mountains, you guys. Like some ski resorts were still open last week. It's CRAZY.

Anyway, that's enough excuses to allow me to post a summer list in the second week of July.😉So here we go!

Go camping. Shane and I are both lovers of the outdoors and we love camping! I grew up camping all the time (it was one of the cheapest vacations you could go on haha!) and that nurtured a deep sense of appreciation for all things nature.

We have an annual friendcation we take at the end of every summer when camp is over. We head up to Turquoise lake for a long weekend and enjoy our time around the campfire, playing spikeball by the lake, going on bike rides (some of us), and playing lots of board games.

Shane and I are also trying to find some time to go camping just the two of us. Currently looking for some new spots to visit that are close to home but still feel like an escape.😊

Get a massage. Y'all I've had some major neck and back issues over the last few weeks -- stress-induced, of course. So I've been going to physical therapy for a bit to have it worked on, and that has been ane experience in itself. But my PT said it would be really helpful to start getting massage therapy now and then, so I'm working on finding someone to help me out with my achy breaky back.

Visit the farmer's market. There's a farmer's market not too far from our house, and we drove passed it the other day, reminding me that we need to go before the summer is over! Do you have a market near you? What's one of your favorite things to pick up there?

Make our backyard magical. Shane built us a cute firepit in our backyard, and we're also working on growing some fresh, new grass. I really want to string up some outdoor lights from tree to tree surrounding our backyard to make it a cozy space for us to hang out and have campfires with friends.

Finish our basement. We're working on making our unfinished basement an actual space we can hang out in, watch movies, play games, etc. The framing is done, the concrete floors have been leveled, and now we are waiting to start drywalling the whole thing. It's a tiny basement, but we're so excited to have a "living space" of our own when the front unit of our house is being rented on Airbnb!

Take a vacation. Ever since our wedding, we've been going non-stop. So we are incredibly excited to be getting away for a few days up north with Shane's family to relax and unwind just a bit. I'm so excited to sit by the lake, go swimming, and spend time with my in-laws!

What's on your list for the summer?