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Stratton Open Space

Back in my blogging 1.0 days, I shared a lot about adventuring where you live, and I want to get back to doing more of that. I have the privilege of living in the beautiful state of Colorado. Every morning I get to walk out of my house and see Pike's Peak towering over the city, and my drive to work is filled with a perfect view of the Front Range. Mountains stretching for miles and miles. I never want to stop exploring all that is right in front of me.

Shane and I keep trying to get away to go camping for a weekend this summer, but things continue coming up that require a change of plans and make us stay in town. So a couple of weekends ago when our plans fell apart, we decided to get outside in our own city. We asked our friends Emily + Ryan to go on a hike with us at Stratton Open Space before dinner to take in some fresh summer air and mountain views. Little adventures are always better with friends.😊

My heart needs to be outside so badly. So to be able to take a break from house projects, work, and whatever else is going on is so good for me. I experience Jesus most when I'm out in His creation -- everything from the way the wind blows through the trees, to the way the clouds roll in over the mountains, to the way the water moves, to the loneliest sunflower standing tall and bright with it's face to the sun -- it speaks of His attention to detail, His presence in my life, and His deep love and care for me who He values far above all of these things.

What do you love about the outdoors?