These weeks leading up to Christmas are so full, and we've had something on the calendar almost every night. I don't say that to make you think we are super popular (because we aren't) or that we are those people that are always out and about. I strongly dislike the glorification of "busy" that our world has created. I love my friends and believe in a healthy balance of community time and alone time. I'm also an introvert and a total homebody, so all these plans have been tiring for my little heart.

So on Saturday I told Shane that I needed to get outside for a bit and he heartily agreed. Nature is what revitalizes our souls the most. He took me to a trail that I'd never been on before -- I've driven past it countless times on my way to another place I used to hike a lot. It's crazy to have lived in Colorado Springs for almost five years and to have missed so many great spots.

I also just got a new-to-me camera for Christmas, so we brought it along for a test drive. New things take some getting used to, and this camera is no exception, but I am loving it! We didn't have much time to hike, but we got in as much as we could, breathed deep to take in the crisp fresh air, snapped a few photos, laughed at our silly puppy, and enjoyed some time alone together. It's these little things and small moments that mean the most to me.