Our Sunday was spent at the Paint Mines and it was the most normal life has felt in almost two months. All of our time outside has been in our neighborhood or very close to home these last few weeks as we've been staying home and hunkering down. But beautiful, warm weather has finally arrived in Colorado and we were itching to get out and adventure, so with our stay home order lifting, off we went.

We walked and wandered and chatted with friends and I took a few hundred photos, and it all filled up my heart. The Paint Mines are so unique and weird and beautiful with all of their colors and formations. Parts of it make you feel like you're walking through a planet from Star Wars, which is pretty fun if you're a little nerdy like me.😉

We came home with happy hearts and a little sunburn. Our little adventure has us longing for more of the road trips we love so much. I saw a meme the other day that said something like "I know I'm a homebody, but man, I did love going one or two places." HAHA! And that's exactly how I've felt during this whole season of quarantine. I absolutely love working from home, and I honestly love being home most of the time, but I still need the outdoors more than anything else. That's what I've missed the most over the last two months.

Nature is healing, so I'm glad we got to experience some of that over the weekend.