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.i think i'm "fall"in' for ya.

Today is Sunday, and I am blogging, which means I survived house sitting this weekend.  I know you were all very worried about my well being.  Let me just say that house sitting is a wonderful thing, but I can't do it very often.  My heart just can't take it.  It's very emotionally draining.

Am I being dramatic?


Am I being semi-serious?


But fo' real y'all.  I have the weirdest brain.  Here's my thinking...if I sleep upstairs, and someone breaks into the house, I'm stuck.  BUT if I sleep downstairs where there are like 5 doors to get out of the house, that's a little better.  OH and I tense up at the smallest noise, and I create all these scenarios in my mind of what might happen if someone broke into the house.  It's awful.  I can't sleep at night.  I'd like to think that I could be brave and take care of whatever came my way, but in reality I think I'd throw the cat at them and run to my car.  (dear PETA, I would never throw a cat at someone...unless it would save my life.) Anyway.  It's over.  I'm at home safe and sound.

note: sorry these pictures aren't all super clear.  a lot of them were taken from the car.

This afternoon I decided to go for a drive, and let me tell you...the leaves were GORGEOUS.  I know what you're thinking...

"Gurrrrrlll if you talk about fall one more time..."

Seriously?  You're going to have to come up with something better than that to keep me from talking about fall.  Annnnnnd I'm talking to myself again.  Oh dear.

Anyway.  The leaves were SOOO pretty, and it was perfect because the sun was going down, and the light was really showing off all the different colors of the leaves.  I drove around for a while just taking in the beautiful colors, and then I found this:

I was intrigued, so of course I had to explore.  I drove back a little bit, and there was just a tiny turn around.  Apparently there is all this land for sale back there, and there were several overgrown paths leading to what I guess are the different sites.  Ok that may not be super exciting to y'all, but just wait.  Next I saw:


 If only I'd had my gun with me.  Thanksgiving dinner would have come early this year.  Oh but the fact that I actually got the pictures of these birds is amazing.  I definitely conquered my fear of wild turkeys.  Lets just say I was chased by them once upon a time.  Ok.  I was in a car, but still...it was traumatic...and hilarious.

Here are some of my favorites from today.

The End.

p.s. road trip in 4 days to see miss aimie long!!
Natalie said...

hahaha, i can just picture this poor unsuspecting cat flying through the air as megan screams and runs through the house. hahaha. oh these are the reasaons that i love you.

Laney Ruth said...

ohhh, so pretty! i've also been enjoying the fall colors, i climbed a tree yesterday, and got terrifyingly high, just to get some what turned out to be fuzzy pictures of leaves. but it was fun.....somewhat.....:P keep it up meg.

Aimie Long said...

where are those pictures from???