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.by our love.

Today I was missing Nicaragua.


I fell in love with this song before I went to Nica, and it constantly reminds me of that trip, the people, and the experiences I had.  Plus, I love Christy Nockels.  
She has the most beautiful voice.

We worked in a small village outside of Managua and did a couple projects, but the point of our trip was not how much we could give the people materially.  
It was about building relationships.  
Something that lasts much longer than any earthly possessions. 

::Sochil::  Little princess.
I spent my time there hanging out with and loving on children.  I could hang out with kids for the rest of my life and be a completely content person.  What I was struck by then and still continue to think about, is how happy those children were.  
According to the world, they had NOTHING.
Yet there was joy.

Their smiles say more than words ever could.

::Wilder:: so precious.
We met these kids on the streets of Grenada.

::Isaac::  My little buddy.
::Shell-bay::  Perfect picture of us.

Someday.  Someday I want to go back.
Until then, I will continue to show love to those here.

The time is now
Come Church arise...
Love with His hands
See with His eyes...
Bind it around you,
Let it never leave you,
And they will know us by our love...