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.ansel adams.

There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.  

There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.

::Ansel Adams:: 

This morning I woke up after having gotten very little sleep ::completely my fault:: jumped in the car with my pillow and big bird ::my fluffy yellow blanket:: and headed towards Atlanta with the parents.

I know what you're thinking.

You skipped church???

Yes. Yes we did.

But I had a wonderful two hours in the car working on my Hebrews study...

While my parents shopped around here...

I think they would live here if they could.

Then it was off to see the Ansel Adams exhibit.  I love Ansel Adams.  He is one of the greatest photographers of all time ::in my opinion::  I thoroughly enjoyed walking around and looking at numerous photographs he had taken.
Here's one of my favorites...

Aspen trees.  I LOVE aspen trees.  They make me think of Colorado.
You can see the original here.

While I was walking around, there was piano music floating through the air.  Come to find out, there was a grand piano playing...all by itself.
No worries.  Nothing shady there.  It was just programed.

I snapped this on my phone real quick because I thought this little boy was precious just sitting there watching the piano play.

I was exhausted after walking around the museum...mostly because I hadn't gotten much sleep.  Again ::completely my fault::  
So that's why I look like I'm on drugs here...

And then my mom told me that if I had grown up back in the day as a cowgirl, this is what I'd look like....

If I'm going to be a cowgirl, I definitely don't want to look that sad.  She must have been having a rough day.  Disobedient cows, I bet.  Mooo.

Okay.  I think the tiredness is really starting to set it.  I'm mooing on my blog.
That Starbucks was good today, but I don't think it helped any...

Happy Sunday.
Laney Ruth said...

haha! Loved this post! Yet, I am super jealous. I want to go to that exhibit so stinkin bad! The little boy picture was adorable. :)