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.bieber {fever}.

A week later, I finally decide it's about time to tell y'all about last weekend.
Sorry it's taken me so long, {bffls}.

Last weekend was unbelievably fun.
Time with my best friends, catching up on life, laughter, and Justin Bieber.
Okay now. Stop that judging.
We went to see Justin Bieber's new movie, annnnnnd we loved it.
Pretty sure we were the oldest people in there, besides some parents.
It was the most interactive movie experience I've ever had.
If you were there, yes, we were those college/post college girls dancing and singing in the very back row.  Glad we could offer you some entertainment.

After seeing an entire movie about the Biebs, we still hadn't had enough, so it was time for a {dance party} in the car.  My favorite.  We are so cray cray.

I love these weekends together.
Restful and relaxing.
Big breakfasts on Saturday morning.
{I want some bacon, annnnd some pancakes.}
Sitting in the kitchen talking about life.
Bffls, let's do this more often.
I miss you already & I love each of you so much!
Ashley said...

these pictures are SO cute!!! i still need to see the bieber movie!!! ah!

Megan Klackner said...

thanks ashley! and YES you should see it!
p.s. i love your blog and i love to read about your heart for people!
thanks for being you!