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.i made this for you.

You may have heard of this guy.  His name is Julian Smith.
Not ringing a bell?
Let's see if this video triggers your memory.

Okay now you are sure you know who he is, or you know you never had a clue.
Either way, you can check {this one} out too.  It's just some bloopers.
Which are my favorite.
I love watching other people laugh.
Because it makes me laugh too.

Julian Smith was also the guy that made this video.
It changed my life.
Okay. Not really.
But it is pretty amazing!

Cool, right?
There are so many, and I'm not a fan of all, just some.
Alright.  Last one for your afternoon.

I'm not gonna lie. Kinda creepy.
But the bagpipes at the end are so unexpected.
I laughed for a very long time the first time someone showed this to me.

Now go get a life.
{I was talking to myself}

Happy Friday!