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.dear to my heart.

I absolutely LOVE this movie.  And I was thinking about it today because I was thinking about Knoxville, and the last time I was in Knoxville, Nat and I saw this movie. {how's that for a run on sentence?}  This is just another example of how I can trace back what may seem as extremely random thoughts.  
It happens all the time.
I'm an incredibly random person.
Sorry.  Too much excitement.

I bought this song off itunes and played it over and over and over.
And it may happen to come on my ipod tomorrow on my drive to {knoxville}
Just maybe.

Tomorrow I'm traveling to the land of orange for a weekend with my {bffls}
So excited!  Overjoyed!  A whole weekend!
We haven't all been together since last October.
Whaaaat??  I know.  I'm shocked too.
Come to think of it, the 5 of us have never been together all at once.
Cray. Cray.
I'm going to enjoy the drive with beautiful 65 degree weather.
The windows down.
The music up.
Singin' my little heart out.
Because that's how I roll.

This weekend is going to be ah-mazing.
.time with my sisters. people dear to my heart.
.laughing til it hurts.
.maybe some tears {who knows. it's a bunch of girls, y'all}.
.lots of picture taking.
.lots of story telling. 
.hugs galore. {get ready, A}
.music music music.
.good times had by all.
.i could go for another weekend like {this}.

Hope y'all have a fantastic Friday!
Today tell someone you love them.
And give them a hug.
People need hugs.
Over and out.