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.the {ultimate} injury.

One year ago today I was at {coolidge park} on a beautiful February day.
It was so nice and warm out.  Perfect for a day of ultimate frisbee at the park.
There was a clear blue sky, birds were singing, and the sun was shining.
I was perfectly content.

We were there specifically to play ultimate frisbee.
And I love ultimate frisbee.
However, somehow I seem to hurt myself occasionally.
And by ::I hurt myself::  I mean ::a boy runs into me:: or ::tackles me::
It's great fun.

So on this day, we were in the middle of a game.
I think my team had the frisbee...but I'm not sure.
It's all a blur.
Whatever.  Someone had the frisbee.
I started running, and as I did, this guy turns around to run down the field.
That's when it hit me...or he hit me.
Let me just make this clear.  He wasn't even running yet.
He had simply turned around, and put his head down.
So his head rammed into my face.  I heard a strange popping noise.
I fell to the ground with the grace of a princess.
Who am I kidding.  I'm one of the most ungraceful people I know.
So I toppled to the ground.
Everything went black and all I knew was my face hurt.

He quickly picked me up and helped me walk to the side of the field.
Next thing I knew he was saying:
"Oh man. You're bleeding.  Your face is really bleeding.  Blood is on your shirt."
I said:
"WHAT?  I am? What's bleeding?  Oh that's ok.  It'll come out in the wash."
I'm so cool in these situations.

All this time my best friend {nat} was sitting on a picnic blanket and enjoying the sunshine....completely oblivious to my current state of pain.  Don't worry.  As soon as she realized I was injured, she ran to my rescue.

They took me to the other side of the park to sit down, get some water, and rinse off my face.  A nurse {who was conveniently there with us} took a look at my face and said my nose was not broken....a lot of help that one was.

Did I go to the hospital? The doctor?  Home?
No way, sister.
I stayed at the park for the rest of the day.
Looking like this...

Attractive. I know.
I called my parents to let them know I'd gotten hurt, but that my nose wasn't broken.  Or so I thought.  When I got home, a doctor friend came over to see if I needed stitches.  His conclusion?:: "no stitches megan, but your nose is broken."
I spent the next week going to the doctor and getting ready for surgery.
Surgery came along the week before spring break, and like most things in my life, didn't go as planned.  I'm not sure how my doctor expected me to be able to go back to class the next day when the medication he prescribed for me said "NO DRIVING."  So I spent that entire week before spring break laying/sleeping on the couch, watching movies, and eating saltines crackers.
We are talking a week without a shower people.
I had a beautiful pink brace on my nose, which was covered in medical tape.
There is a picture I sent to Nat during this week...which will not be seen here.
I'm pretty sure I was on major drugs when I sent it, because no way on earth would I have exposed that face to the public in my right mind.
It looked something like this....

Scary beyond all reason.

Needless to say after this experience, my parents "banned" me from frisbee until I was on my own medical insurance.  Like that actually happened.  If you can believe it, I was back at the park the day after the incident.  I don't let a broken nose get in my way of enjoying a beautiful day at the park.

Memories of my broken nose, you won't get me down.  So I'm going to go celebrate this one year anniversary by going to the park with my bffls to throw the frisbee.  I'll let y'all know if I end up in the emergency room again.

Laney Ruth said...

I played yesterday! And thought of you......getting your nose broken. I'm pretty sure I played with the guy who's head ran into your nose! :/

Natalie said...

Yzma! put your hands in the air!

haha. love you meg and your injuries. don't worry - one day, when you are least expecting it - that beautiful picture will surface. maybe like at your rehersal dinner... just sayin... that is what best friends are for.