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.lions are on the lawn.

On this lovely Thursday morning in February, I want to let you in on a secret.
Free. Music. Download.

Who does this free music belong to, you ask?
The one and only::
Concerning Lions

This band is a group of boys from Chattanooga.
Well they aren't FROM chattanooga.
And some of them don't even live here anymore.
But most of them went to school here.
Chattanooga is just how I know them.
Forget I just said all of that.
It's all beside the point.
And I've just confused myself.
In their words they are 3/5 Chattanooga & 2/5 Nashville.
They are really awesome & you should check them out!
Plus.  It's a free song!
So click here if you dare.

Also you can learn more about them here.
And hear some more music here or here.
Or if you want to watch some videos, I'd check this out.
Or this one for mas videos.
Twitter, you ask?  Why here it is.

So many options.
Try not to feel overwhelmed.

And while you are exploring, check out one of my favorites.

Their new album ::the winter set:: comes out soon.
::excited face::
So stay tuned.