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operation: kitchen remodel.

Four score & seven years ago we began replacing the appliances in our kitchen.
Okay.  It wasn't quite that long ago.
I exaggerate. 
But don't get me wrong.  It has been at least four years since the remodel began.

Slowly but surely we moved from the appliances that had been in the house since the 80's to ::my favorite:: stainless steel. So pretty. And shiny. And sleek.

No. I do not have pictures of said 80's appliances.
Four years ago I was in the midst of interior design classes, exams, and trying not to go to my grave early from lack of sleep and nutrition.  So forgive me.

Where were we?
Oh. New appliances.
Then we added new brushed nickel hardware to the cabinetry.
Updating the house without making it TOO contemporary.
You've gotta think about resale, people.

What next.  Paint.
I'm in the process of picking out a paint color for the kitchen.
BUT we have painted all the trim in the house a nice off white color.
More specifically ::cottage white::
All of the trim in the house was a dark wood.
So we decided to paint it to help lighten up the house.
Let me tell y'all somethin'. A coat of paint works miracles.
And don't you ever forget it.

Now for the countertops.  
We got new Corian countertops and they were installed yesterday.

Here are some visual aids for you visual people like myself.
old countertop.
notice the sink. that's about to change.

 new countertops! & undermount sink!

Alrighty. New countertops installed.
However, there may be a couple issues, so the kitchen still isn't up and running yet.  
No water.  No sink usage.  No nothing.
Which means no cooking. Obviously.
And the microwave is sitting on the living room floor.
And all of our silverware & drawers are stacked on the fireplace.
Our lives are very cave man-ish these days.
We've even started communicating through grunting and smoke signals.
It's bad.  Real bad.
Someone please help me.
This is my SOS.

Stay posted for more updates.
Wood floors coming soon.
Valentine's day to be exact.
I will survive.

Over and out.