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.did you just {squeak}.

let me tell you why i was 5 minutes late for work this morning.
two words.
kamikaze squirrel.
i mean WHAT goes on in their tiny brains?
back and forth & back and forth across the road.
squirrels make me feel like my indecisiveness is minuscule compared to theirs.
so i see this little guy {trying} to cross the road.
it's tough coming out of hibernation.
completely disorienting. 

bless its heart.
i slow down thinking it will be gone by the time i get to that spot.
but oh no.  he's still freaking out.
so i have to come to a complete stop.
yes. i stop for squirrels.
and most other animals.
i accidentally ran over a squirrel one time and it was traumatic.
i've been in therapy ever since.
ok not really.
back to the story.

i think it took this poor squirrel a minute to decide where to go.
once he decided to go back to the side of the road where he started,
he turned around, waved and {squeaked} "see ya later, alligator."
i know this because i speak squirrel.
pretty impressive, i know.
kronk taught me how.

Natalie said...

hahaha. i love this post for SOOOOOOO many reasons. did you just squeak?!

Laney Ruth said...

hahahahahahahaha. i agree with Natalie. :D

Elizabeth said...

squeak squeak squeak... squeaky squeak... ;)