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.oh my good{knees}.

oh my life.
little did i know my new job would kill me.
okay. that's a tad dramatic.
let me preface this story with this little piece of information:
i love my new job.  i am learning so much.
alright. now that's been said. let's move on.
yesterday at work, we had a photoshoot in the studio.
photographing rugs.
and my job was to brush all the rugs.
you heard me. brush them.
rugs have got to have their hairs did too.
so i'd brush them and vacuum them.
{cue photographer. take the shot.}
brush some more.
roll 'em up and throw 'em in a pile.

so i was on my hands and knees this whole time.
on a concrete floor.
i didn't think a thing about it.
until about an hour later when it hurt to bend my knees.
this is what happens when you get old, folks.
needless to say, my knees are really bruised.
and to add to my pain and suffering,
i decided i still needed to work out yesterday and today.
now i can't walk.
oh my good{knees}.
it's pathetic.
so i'm taking the day off from exercise tomorrow,
and doing my first photo shoot at a birthday party!
{eeeeeek. so excited/nervous}
i'll let y'all know how it goes.
Natalie said...

oh my goodknees. zat sounds of zee upmost pains. ju shoulds go to zee giver of medicines if zat does not geet betters. zees new jobs is going to be zee death of jour joints if ju are nots more carefuls!

Laney Ruth said...

hehehe. love the title! but ouch....