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.the {dominican} republic.

this is abbey.
one of the beautiful girls in my core group.
i stole your pictures, abs. 
hope you don't mind. :)
she is leaving for the {d.r.} on thursday morning
with a team of 60 something people from The House.
{the campus ministry i was involved with in college}
i'm so proud of her & thankful for her desire to serve her Lord in this way.
working to serve His Kingdom.
if the Lord puts it on your heart this week,
please pray for her, the rest of the team, and the beautiful people they will meet.
it is our job, the ones who are home, to be their prayer warriors.
i love you, abbey!
have a wonderful trip.
don't forget your letters. :)
abbey brown said...

aww :) love you!

and.. the letters are the ONLY thing i've packed so far, so i won't forget them :)