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.i thought my {oh} my.

while sitting on the back porch having a phone date with bethany, i got sunburnt.
in march.
i mean i'm not going to lie. 
my pasty porcelain skin does need some sun.
i just don't think to put sunscreen on during the month of march.
absolutely ridiculous.

after seeing said sunburn, i decided sitting outside any longer was a bad idea.
so i went for a drive.
this is becoming a {favorite} past time of mine.
no. i shouldn't be doing this with gas prices the way they are.
but beautiful afternoon drives are therapeutic i think.
windows down, music loud, singing at the top of my lungs.
totally free for a few moments in time.
just me, braveheart {my car}, and country roads.

buckle up for safety bear.
he has been my constant driving companion since high school.

oh westview.
the elementary school where i went to kindergarten.
back in the day.

i will be in colorado in exactly 65 days.
but who's counting?
Elizabeth said...

i love that you are counting the days until colorado!!! baa!

Laney Ruth said...

i love the cow picture!

Megan Klackner said...

beth. i just can't contain the excitement!

laney. hahahaha. i laughed out loud when i drove by those cows. it was scratching its neck on the barbed wire. hilarious.