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.pretty pretty princess.

it's about time i gave y'all a little peek at the pictures from evangeline's party.
the party was princess themed {of course}
there were 12ish little girls all dressed up in their finest princess attire.
they were all completely adorable.

so here are my top 5 favorite moments from the party:
one: coloring. {i love coloring. i will color no matter how old i am}
two: pin the heart on the necklace. {yes. same as pin the tale on the donkey}
three: the girls trying to eat gigi's cupcakes. {they have 2 inches of icing}
four: one little girl who kept saying "do you wike my hair? it's fwench bwaided."
five: the piƱata. {watching those little girls go after it was cracking me up}

i had so much fun being at your 5th birthday party!  
next time i promise to bring my tiara.