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have i ever told y'all how much i love the pixar movie {UP}?
well i do.  i love it.
nat and i quote it all the time.
i won't even tell you how many times i saw it in the theater
{don't worry. it was mostly dollar movie nights at the cheap theater}
or how many times i've watched it since i bought it on dvd.
that movie makes me laugh
{like laugh so much i can't breathe}
and it makes me cry.
it deals with real life.
i love the innocence. 
the adventure.
the wonder.
needless to say,
when a friend showed {this} to me a couple days ago,
i got just a tad excited.
it pretty much made my day.
{thanks pegs}
oh but reading about this ah-mazing house just isn't enough. 
check out this video.
pure awesomeness.
"and someday i'm going to south america. it's like america, but SOUTH."
Natalie said...

i literally get chills when the house lifts off the ground. i want to do this. like for reals...

Megan Klackner said...

Me too nat. It's just so cool. :)