.once upon a time. | THE KLACKNERS


.once upon a time.

last night i got to hang out with {my kids}
we played freeze tag {which is their new favorite game.}
connor has figured out that if he goes the opposite way around the kitchen,
he can catch me on the other side.
smart kid.
i have been his babysitter since he was 2 weeks old.
and now he is 3. 

{excuse me while i go & sing songs about neverland & children never growing up}
and then, of course, we had tickle fights.
i am the tickle monster.
evie always eggs it on with the 
"i bet you can't tickle me" line.
evie decided the winner of freeze tag and tickle fights got to tell a story.
somehow they made me the winner, so i was first.
they sat in complete awe of my terrible storytelling skills.
the story went something like this::
once upon a time in a faraway land,
{or in "the old kingdom" as evie calls it}
there lived a prince and a princess.
{they were brother and sister. duh.}
and their names were prince connor and princess evie.
{the best way to keep your young listeners involved is to put them in the story}
so the story went on like any fairytale.
there were talking animals, scary trolls, pirates, treasure, and crazy adventures.
and they lived happily ever after.

now one story just wasn't enough.
evie had to tell her story about "the old kingdom".
she was absolutely hilarious.
i think we will be telling stories more often.
i love seeing them use their imaginations like that.
connor told his story, which lasted about two minutes.
we couldn't understand a word he said because he was laughing the whole time.
it was pretty much the cutest thing ever.
then it was movie time.
what did we watch?
toy story 3.
filled with their favorite movie characters.

that was my friday night.
i loved it.