.i done cut my {hairs}. | THE KLACKNERS


.i done cut my {hairs}.

well folks.
it's official.
i got my hairs cut today.
for the first time in a YEAR.
well except for my bangs.
i cut those occasionally myself.
i'm the only one allowed to cut them.
not because i'm possessive or anything.
it's just my bangs had a very traumatic experience last year,
and they are still a little shaken up about it.
supposedly time heals all wounds.
we'll see about that.
i have a strange love/hate relationship with haircuts.
i love having my hair played with,
but i always fear having too much hair cut off...
because of another traumatic hair experience in high school.
don't worry.
i'm in therapy for all these horrifying hair events.
i still have nightmares of waking up and looking like this.
so now my hair is healthier.
i can whip my hair back and forth.
i whip my hair back and forth.
i whip my hair back and forth.
and i didn't cry after this haircut.
{this has only happened twice}
so apparently i was worried for nothing.