.{i} have a dream. | THE KLACKNERS


.{i} have a dream.

can i tell you a secret?
that means you can't tell anyone.
okay? okay.

well i have a {dream}.
i mean i have a lot of dreams.
and this one is just one of those that would never come true.
but it sure would be fantastic.
you ready?
i'm not sure you are.
welp. here we go.

i'd {love love love} to be the voice of a character in an animated movie.
especially an animated movie that has singing.
don't laugh.
i'm honestly completely serious.
see here's the thing.
really it would be awesome to be in a broadway musical.
singin' my little heart out.
but i get stage fright. so that might not work out so well.
so i'll stick to singing into my hairbrush when no one's watching.
and singing in the car at the top of my lungs not caring who is watching.

animated movies are where it's at.
so the secret's out.
if you know anyone who needs a voice,
i'm their girl.
i'll even sing for free.
ok thanks.