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.today was a {fairytale}.

today a real life fairytale unfolded on my television screen.
what am i talking about?
prince william and kate got married!
what rock have you been living under?

kate was absolutely glowing in her gorgeous dress.
a perfect princess if i do say so myself.
everything about her was delightfully elegant.
and all seemed to go smoothly
{except for a slight problem with kate's ring. hilarious.}
come on, william. put a ring on it.

and then the kiss.
"this kiss! this kiss!"
{sorry. faith hill speaks to me.}

and i cannot stop laughing at precious little grace.
{the girl on the left}
she's obviously disgusted by the kiss
and terrified of the loud airplanes.
don't get me wrong.
i'm very sorry she wasn't having a grand time,
but i'm laughing so hard there are tears in my eyes.
i hope she looks back at these in 15 years and laughs.
this royal day wouldn't have been complete without prince harry.
{my favorite}

and why is he my favorite?
because he peeked while kate walked down the isle.
it was cute.
and because he rides in the kids' carriage.
he probably still sits at the kids' table.
i'm sure they have those at the palace.
he's really just a kid a heart.
and i love that.
prince harry,
we should be friends.

prince william and kate,
i wish only the best for you.
Karina said...

Oh gosh I haven't seen these photos..grace is hilarious indeed!