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hola amigos.
sorry i took a leave of absence after the royal wedding.
it's work all day and preparing for colorado in the evenings.
{12} days!!
eeek! so much to do!
here's an update on the past few days...

core group sleepover.  my precious bible study girls came over last weekend to hang out, play games, and stay up far too late.  this past year with them has been amazing, and i'm so glad i was given the opportunity to be their leader and their friend.  and 3 cheers for pen pals over the summer! 
love you all very much!
last week i saw a girl carrying a vacuum across campus and it made me think of the movie Once.  and it made me laugh.
the rents left for scotland yesterday and i'm not sure they will ever come back.  mom and dad, i hope you have a wonderfully adventurous time in the land of our ancestors. tell the relatives hey for me.
lately all i do is think of summer. colorado. friends. i can't even express how excited i am to be back in one of my favorite places. the elc.  i can't wait to see how God is going to work this summer...in my life, in the lives of the other staff, and in the lives of our campers.  it is going to be phenomenal.
oh and here's some music for ya.
because lady antebellum has re-entered my life.
and i love this song.
and summer.
and the south.