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.all you need is {love}.

love is all you need.
that's what i've been learning in the mountains of colorado.
loving my [crew] kids
loving our [staff]
and loving my [jesus]
love is what i'm praying for my kids.
that they would love each other
and that they would take the love of {jesus} home with them.
we studied the fruit of the spirit a couple weeks ago
and it was amazing to see how every fruit abides is love.
is it okay if i share something with you? 
okay. here we go.

joy is love's {strength}
peace is love's {security}
patience is love's {endurance}
kindness is love's {conduct}
goodness is love's {character}
gentleness is love's {humility}
faithfulness is love's {confidence}
self control is love's {victory}
that's pretty neat.
everything revolves around love.
and i {love} that.
i'm learning to abide in that fact.
and to abide in my heavenly {father}
speaking of things i love,
here are some of the wonderful people in my life this summer.

and now 1st session is coming to an end.
we're sending our kids back out into the world.
hoping and praying they will {remain} in their Father
and most of all remembering to
Laney Ruth said...

i {love} this, and i {LOVE} you. :) can't wait. 2 days!