.seasons. | THE KLACKNERS



i love fall.
{revisit} the reasons {why}.
i just did and laughed at my bffls comments.
i can't believe how quickly time passes.
i took a drive.
as it is a favorite past time of mine.
driving & listening to good music
while taking in the beautiful colors of 
each year.
without fail.
i am always in awe of this season.
when the trees essentially die for a time.
the beauty and grace they portray
while being stripped bare is 
but let's be honest. 
some leaves are more beautiful than others.
more vibrant.
the more water they get,
the more nutrients they soak up,
the more colorful they will be.
until all their leaves are gone
and they continue just {being} for a season.
faithfully remaining until springtime
when they will be renewed
and brought back to life.
our lives go through seasons like that.
and we get through them because we have the
{living water}
soak it up.
it's what keeps us alive.
keeps us shining from the inside.
keeps us strong & beautiful.
like the trees.
i only hope i can weather the changes
brought my way
as gracefully as these.