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.show me.

so this is audrey assad.
i got to work her merch table 
at a concert on friday night.
i'm not going to lie,
i'd never heard her music before.
she gave me her cd
and i played it as soon as i got in my car.
but i didn't get to the last song until today.
this song.
it brought me to tears.
it touched something in my heart.
it whispered feelings i know so well.
i want to be used by {Him}
i want to be known.
i want to live.
i want to love.
but i'm in a place.
a purposeful place.
a place of hardship.
of heartache.
of fears.
a learning place.
learning to trust.
i know i'm here for a reason.
it will be worth it.
so leave me here for right now
and while i'm here,
while i'm learning and growing,
stay with me.
guide me through the darkness
into light.
into life.
{show me}