.we're all sinking. | THE KLACKNERS


.we're all sinking.

this past weekend, my core group studied grace and mercy.
how they are different yet work together.

receiving something you don't deserve.
unmerited favor.
a gift that can't be repaid.
we can't pay God back.
he already owns all we have to give him.
he doesn't like to have his grace nullified,
but glorified.
it can all be overwhelming.
i'm thankful but don't feel deserving of this gift.
why would God have grace on me?

i'm sinful.
i'm broken.
i'm dirty.
but Jesus has forgiven my sin.
he has made me whole.
he is clean enough for all of us.
[to my girls]...
he has called you by name.
and he says that you are
precious, honored, and loved.
believe it.
let him love you.
receive the gift that he holds out to you.
let it wash over you.
an ocean of grace.