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.before & after.

i'm a huge fan of before & after projects.
of making old things new.
i love to be inspired.
i love to create.
i like to reuse and renew.
maybe that's why i'm obsessed with pinterest.
someone help make me this table. okay? thanks.

so when i found this treasure the other day, i was delighted.
i may or may not have spent half an hour drooling over the remodels.
this is my dream job.
taking old, seemingly hopeless spaces and making them beautiful.
you should probably drop everything you're doing and check this out.
[the design sponge]
don't tell, but i found it while facebook stalking my bff beth.
yes. we're actually friends in real life, so this was not creepy.
p.s. you should check out her blog! she's doing a giveaway.
free stuff, y'all!
it doesn't get much better than that.
don't miss it.
Elizabeth said...

hello there Megan! You are AMAZING! that is all!