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.words mean things.

i like lyric videos.
maybe because i have an obsessive need to read what's in front of me.
i blame my dad.
we took a trip to [d.c.] when i was in middle school.
made a stop by the smithsonian.
let's just say my dad probably needed 2+ years to get through one building.
he had to read everything.
then, i felt like he was slowing us down.
but as i've gotten older,
i think i'm learning to appreciate the words.
to slow down and take them in.
to learn.
so i read.
but don't take me to a movie where there are subtitles.
i will be incapable of actually watching the movie because i'll be reading along.
trust me, it's not a fun experience.
i feel torn between seeing what's going on and reading word for word.
it's quite stressful.
so back to the video.
i like this one because i like stars.
and letters.
and jason mraz.
and typography.
and old stamps.
and airmail envelopes.