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.previously on 24.

there are some days when i really miss jack bauer.
ridiculous, right?
i miss monday nights in college when the bff and two other friends would come over to my house to eat chocolate chip cookies and watch 24.
those were the days.
but good news!
jack bauer is back on tv!
except his name is martin.
and he gets beat up. [no one messes with jack bauer]
and he doesn't carry a firearm with him at all times.
and he actually sleeps. [weird]
and he doesn't carry a satchel. [man purse]
and he's not calling chloe every 5 minutes.
but he is saving the world.
thank goodness some things never change.
also, i'm not sure about this [martin] thing.
i can't stop calling him jack.
nevertheless, check it out.
ladies and gentlemen,
jack bauer's new show [touch]
Natalie said...

previously, on twenny fawwww...

i miss those days too. chocolate wolf and the chocolate chip cookies.