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.when i go home.

so i had this thought the other day.
me? having thoughts? cray cray.
but here it is.
i cannot wait to hear jesus laugh.
i mean really.
i. can't. wait.
i imagine the first time i see jesus, his laugh will be like the king in [tangled].
you know. rapunzel's dad.
at the very end of the movie, when rapunzel returns home, her dad laughs.
it's like this deeply rooted and quiet joy bubbling over with relief.
it's an [i've been patiently waiting and you're finally here!] laugh.
and that is what i imagine jesus sounding like when he welcomes me home.
Natalie said...

i love this. i have never thought about that before but now i want to hear him laugh too! you are a beautiful woman with a beautiful heart and i'm so glad that you share your thoughts!