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post oscar party.

did y'all watch the oscars sunday night?
of course you did!
me too.

my favorite moments:

bradley cooper's mom pulling a mckayla maroney all night. not impressed.

paperman winning best animated short film. it's the cutest!

i LOVED the [sound of music] reference introducing christopher plummer. perfectly hilarious.

jennifer lawrence. best actress!! i want to be friends with her in real life…instead of just in my imagination. i love that hugh jackman sprinted to help her up after she fell on the stairs. what a classy man.

anne hathaway. i was so excited she won best supporting actress that i squealed, stood up and clapped. no really, i did. in my living room…by myself.

then of course, this happened. it gave me chills. i may or may not have cried a little. remember how much i love les mis?  i just can't help it. sometimes i get teary eyed listening to the soundtrack in my car. yes, i'm that girl. excuse me while i go sing [on my own] at the top of my lungs.

what were your favorites?


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jessica clayton said...

I LOVED the musical movie tribute especially Les Mis. I also am obsessed with Jennifer Lawrence and I want her to be my bff. I actually really enjoyed the opening "boob song" haha Probably not the most tasteful, but I couldn't stop laughing!

Jackie said...

I loved Les Mis! So glad she won.

Kiki said...

Watching the Oscar's with you sounds like so much fun! :) I definitely want to be Jennifer's real-life best friend, too. She is such a funny, funny girl. And so down to earth, too!

And that Sound of Music reference? Loved that, too! I played in my high school's pit orchestra and knew from the second they started that that intro was going to happen!

Elizabeth said...

Les Mis for the win.

always & forever