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a song for you.

it was snowing when i left for work this morning [in tennessee?? what what!]
and snow makes me all kinds of happy...whether it sticks to the ground or not.
i'm heading out of town for the weekend, but i wanted to leave you with something.
these have been a few of my favorite melodies recently.
the ones that get put on repeat until i'm sick of them, take a break for a week, and come back to.
it'll give you a tiny glimpse into what riding around in my car looks like.
sunroof open. foot tapping on the floorboard. singing my heart out.

happy weekend, homies!
Allison said...

I love your play list! I got to see Phillip in concert and he was amazing!! Have a great trip!

Amy said...

LOVING these songs!!!! I have yet to see the video from Imagine Dragons (one of my current favorites) so thanks for posting that...and girl NEEDTOBREATHE...love them, i was in class and became friends with one of their wives! :) hahaha..