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thank you for the music.

have y'all been following along with american idol this year?
i was a little nervous with the new judges coming on board, but i love it.
nicki is a little cray cray, but she has some really good points here and there.
mariah is a straight up diva. the end.
keith. the best. his was one of the first albums i bought when i fell in love with country music.
randy is the same. i can't keep track of how many times he says "dog".

okay, so i always pick my faves from the audition weeks.
angela miller. this girl is fantastic. i'd buy her album today.
also, i love her hair.
her hollywood audition gives me chills. every. time. it's SO good!!
i seriously thought keith was going to cry.
check out her idol journey so far...

have you picked your favorites yet?

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