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weekend update.

things you should know…

i have been walking again for a week now. and by walking, i mean stumbling around like a drowsy 3 year old who was just awoken from a long nap. baby steps. turns out learning to walk again is a little easier said than done. i am also making quite the fashion statement these days by wearing one new balance tennis shoe completely untied (it's the only way my foot will fit in a shoe!!) it's like i'm trying to be a preppy skater kid.

my brother is getting married in less than 4 months, so the search for a dress is on. my sweet core group girls helped me limp through the mall last night to try on dresses.

i bought these pants.

my valentines from the best friend came in the mail this week. snail mail is my favorite. and mail from colorado travels at a pace that lives up to that name these days.

this giveaway has been so fun. if you're a new follower, don't be shy! i'd love to check out your blog too, so leave your link in the comments for me!

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1. i am an extrovert...but i'm more towards the lower end of the extroversion scale
2. kayaking adventures are my favorite
3. i swam competitively from 1st grade through high school

what was a favorite for you this week?

happy weekend, y'all!
Kiki said...

Girl, I love these posts of yours! And hooray for walking again--even if you're a cool skater kid while doing it. You definitely pull it off better than I ever could!

And thanks for the link love, too! I still find it so weird to see me name/blog here and there on the web these days!

And kayaking adventures? That sounds like so. much. fun. Except I'm too much of a scaredy cat to go in my own kayak (I'm much more of a tandem--that's what they're called, right?--kayak or canoe person).

Have a lovely weekend, new friend! :)

Megan Klackner said...

thanks, kiki! you should definitely give solo kayaking a try :) either flat water or sea kayaking. it's so relaxing!

have a great weekend!

Melanie Van Wynsberg said...

Aw thank you for your comment and stopping by my blog. :) I appreciate it. It's def. interesting to see your stomach growing in ways it hasn't before!

Your blog is cute! Glad I found it too. :)

Unknown said...

What an adorable post! That's so cool that you were a competitive swimmer. I love kayaking too! Love your blog, new follower.

ThistleAshD said...

kayaking- awesome. I have only been once and it was the most insane thing ever- as in like carrying the canoe through the woods literally a mile, scaling a 30 foot drop, and then being in alligator infested waters. I have high hopes of trying it again under VERY different circumstances :)

Unknown said...

Ahhh, I WANT those pants so bad! I blogged about them last Monday! My husband (rightly) convinced me it shouldn't by skinny pants when I'm 9 months pregnant. He can be pretty wise sometimes :)


Marsa said...

no homework!! thats a plus for meee. also i went to a blogger meetup that was super fun :)

following your cute blog!

The DayLee Journal

Unknown said...

i love to kayak! I grew up on the Chesapeake Bay and went kayaking all the time :)

Elizabeth said...

i am adoring your blog posts. sorry my card got there late! typical!