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baby megs.

i thought i'd share with y'all a little scrapbook of my earliest years.
keep in mind that for 6 years, i was the only girl in my family.
i had an older brother and 4 boy cousins to love me pick on me.

contrary to the evidence before you, i was actually a very happy child.

i've been a water bug for as long as i can remember and then some.
apparently, i also had the "stink eye" down pat.

i was a beach BABE, obvi.

and loved building sand castles with my big brother. he's slimmed up since then, ladies.
lil' chunky monkey.


music runs in my blood. i'm pretty sure i came out of the womb screaming the hallelujah chorus. i also not-so-secretly wish that my life was a musical.

i was a little girl who grew up in a culture that expected you to be a wife, mother, and mini martha stewart by the time you graduated from college. i have checked none of these requirements off my list. guess i need to move out of the south.

this cheesy grin and squinty eyed smile is apparently my go to. it is still my first reaction to a camera being pointed at my face. and my bashful brother still pretends to be camera shy to this day.

something you never would have guessed about me: i was an avid fisherman. the brother, the cousins, and i went fishing ALL the time. but since there really was a princess behind that tomboy facade, i made the boys take the fish off the hook. every time. until this one time my friend's grandfather made me do it myself. i was 5. it was traumatizing. i still remember the look in that fish's eye...

i'll leave you with that. don't worry, there are more tales to be told of my childhood.


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ThistleAshD said...

haha the south- gotta love it :) I grew up in the south too. and while i'm not much of a southern woman at all, there's always a soft spot in my heart for those things. can't even help it.

Amy said...

that stank eye...ballin'!
Girl i'm a true southerner too...and i haven't lived up to the standards either...and sometimes it makes me feel less of a woman because i'm not married with kids on the way...ya know? ha.
I've had a similar traumatizing fish story ha, the things that stick with us over the years