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weekend update.

- atlanta road trips to see old friends and meet new ones
- swapping injury stories
- planning book clubs with the best friend
- listening [i mean, rocking out] to the Passion 2013 album in my car. check out one of my faves.
- wearing shoes that weren't tennis shoes! granted, i was just sitting in a starbucks, but it was so nice to be out in public in normal shoes for a day.

elsie's handwriting statement wall by a beautiful mess
living well: meal planning + DIY chalkboard by jenny highsmith
living well: emotions by maiedae
when waiting is hard by sweetness itself

1. when i was little, i called shampoo "hair soap". makes sense, right?
2. the number 12 is my favorite. i don't know why. it just is.
3. i didn't give up my pacifier until i was 5. the only way my parents could get me to part with it was to turn it into a christmas ornament. it still hangs on our tree every year.


p.s. do you watch Once Upon A Time? what are your thoughts on sunday's episode??
Amy said...

I DO watch once upon a time but i'm a few episodes behind (i don't have cable, so i'm going off of hulu + )
BUT I AM LOVING this seasons!!! EEEK.
Also, hair soap = brilliant.
And your pacifier story...so cute!

Unknown said...

yay for book clubs!

Elizabeth said...

i do watch Once Upon a Time!!! (of course!) and I am freaking out! I was planning on texting you today about it. it can't be real!??!!?!?

Jenna Brianne said...

I love these posts :) The picture of your sperrys makes me a bit bitter, though, because I wore mine out today and after (almost) a year of having/wearing them they are STILL not broken in. And my heels are killin' me :( BOO.

Cannot wait for One Thousand Reasons to start!

-Jenna Brianne

Kiki said...

Oh my goodness! Thank you for sharing the Passion 2013 album! I love that song and it's perfect for springtime (I can also see myself working out to it, not gonna lie!). :)

Looks like you had a great weekend! Road trips to see friends are the best. Except coming home, then it's just a little sad.

And hooray for wearing non-tennis shoes!