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it's a goat's world.

my body was so confused trying to wake up this morning.
the time change is messing with my head!
plus, it was super dark on my way to work and i thought i arrived an hour too early!
i need more sleep. or coffee. coffee would be good.

so these goat videos are taking over the world, i'm pretty sure.
if somehow you haven't already seen the screaming goat look here and here.

you're welcome, monday.

Amy said...

girl my body is fighting this time change like its an MMA match! :)
And that video, had me crying laughing! :)

Elizabeth said...

girl. i love this video. and Meredith and I were wondering why we didn't think of it frist! can't you just imagine bruce & john & hanley doing this!!! lol

we could have made youtube millions!