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i'd like to introduce y'all to some of my favorite bloggers, Q & A style. i hope you love them as much as i do! they have great things to say, so don't hesitate to head over and check out their blogs.

1. what was the inspiration behind your blog name & what made you decide to start blogging?
2. what is your favorite drink?
3. what are some favorite hobbies?


>> I wanted to create a blog to document my own personal style journey while giving everyday girls inspiration for outfits they could actual wear and feel comfortable and confident in. Hence where the name “Wearable.Fun.Fashion” came from; I want to display outfits that could be worn by the everyday girl who does everyday things (like going to classes, running to the grocery store, or going out with your girlfriends) without a fear of looking silly/over-dressed. My style? Classy, timelss, & FUN.

>> I am absolutely head-over heels in love with Caramel Macchiato’s (with extra caramel) from Starbucks.

>> Aside from blogging, I love digital scrapbooking. It’s such a fun way to document memories and costs a lot less than traditional scrapbooking! I was able to combine my two loves (blogging and scrapbooking) and actually created my own background for my blog as well as my signatureand buttons. It’s awesome being able to express my own style on my blog without having to pay someone else to make those elements for me!

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>> I consider myself pretty wordy, so here's the short version of the story behind Paint Chip Madness. When I first started blogging in 2010, I thought I was going to be one of those "big name DIY bloggers" so I named my blog after my love for paint chips. And even though I still love those home improvement store freebies, let's just say I quickly discovered that that kind of blogging is not my talent or calling in the blogworld!

And I started blogging because my older sister told me to start one to store my ideas and favorite internet finds. This was way before I discovered Pinterest, mind you! Now that I use Pinterest to store my finds around the web, my blog is a place to share my thoughts, photos, and faith. That, and it's become a great way to make new friends in the process!

>> I'm a little weird in that I don't drink tea or coffee. But I love anything fruit-based (as in real fruit) so I'd definitely go on an apple cider or fruit smoothie date with you! Or we could go to a bakery. I love baked goods.

>> I was actually talking to my mom about my hobbies (or lack thereof) recently and she told me that I need to find a new hobby since I'll be graduating later this month (eep!). Right now, my biggest hobbies are blogging and Pinterest. But I also really love hiking, baking, and photography.

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>> I started blogging a few months ago as a way to force myself to write. I was an English major in college and wrote all the time, but was nowhere near as motivated after I graduated. I wanted to be held accountable and also to see what people resonated with. I never expected, however, all of the awesome girls I would meet through it--that's been the most fun part! There was absolutely no thought process behind the name "Tickled Yellow". I love the phrase "tickled pink" and yellow is my favorite color. Bam.

>> My favorite drink is blank coffee but, sadly, I am forcing myself to give it up as I am way too dependent on it. But I'm just as big of a tea fan, especially of the loose-leaf variety. 

>> My favorite way to spend my free time in the summer is to play tennis. In the winter I like to hang out in coffee shops with my husband.


>> My blog is called "Until Only Love Remains" - it's a JJ Heller song and it is tattooed on my right foot. It is a reminder to let the Lord chip at me until only His love remains in me. My blog is just that - a real girl learning what it means to love more each day. I struggle, I laugh, I cry, I share, I grow, I learn. I wanted to share, process & record my journey. That is why I started blogging - I really never thought it would be something people read and were inspired by. This blogging community has encouraged me to seek the Lord and blessed me beyond measure. 

>> I could not live without Milk, Coffee, and Water. Literally the three things I drink nonstop (I hate soda, so all the diet caffeine free coke bottles you find around my house are the husbands. i promise. if i drank soda it would have caffeine and not be diet!)

>> I enjoy blogging (obviously), reading, writing, crafting, and hanging out with people. I am 100% a people person, so most anything I do involves quality time with my peeps. I love movies, coffee dates, adventures, thrifting, and eating.  


>> I started my blog right before our daughter was born as a way for friends and family to keep up with our mundane yet sometimes crazy lives.  When Chris and I were engaged, he explained to me (according to his love of football and sports) that I would be joining "his team".  We would no longer be two people making individual decisions, but a team who's decisions and actions would significantly affect the other.  "Team Bowen" soon became a common phrase around these parts.  In the past year I've become much more interested in simple, sustainable, inexpensive, and healthy living.  I share with you our journey to cut out processed foods and move back towards eating real, whole foods.  I am interested in natural cleaning and living in order to cut down the number of toxins we are exposed to.  My husband graciously and patiently puts up with me in this quest.  After all, it's a team effort, right? 

>> Coffee.  The $4 super sweet lattes with candy names are my favorite.  You know the ones that have a million calories and your daily allotment of sugar?  Yeah, those.

>> Hobby?  Well I don't feel like I have a lot of time between baking, cooking, maintaining our home and chasing around a toddler.  But I do enjoy running and 
trying to be crafty on occasion.


>> How I started blogging is actually kinda of funny.. my husband was taking a graffic design class for his bachelors and was given an assignment to try out the latest craze call blogging! (This was forever ago.. 2005-6?) So I began updating that blog he started as our family blog. Soon everyone was blogging! My sister live across the country from each other and decided that we would make a blog with a group of friends as a recipe swap.. that casually recipe swap has evolved into our current site Oh So Delicioso. We discovered not only were a few of us looking at it but many friends and family were utilizing the blog for their go to recipes. We also discovered that we LOVE food photography and just totally enjoy the process of cooking, shooting and blogging! We love sharing our passion with others!

>> We have so many recipes on our blog...but some of my favorites are the drinks. Particularly this Caramel Apple spice. http://www.ohsodelicioso.com/2012/12/caramel-apple-spice-whomemade-salted.html
I know its totally cliche but sitting outside in the sun with a glass of lemonade is just a piece of heaven for me!

>> So its obvious that I enjoy food. And baking. And eating (hah!) But I have to keep burning those calories.. I love getting up early for a crispy morning run. I also love to sew and craft really anything that I can make with my hands. As much fun as the digital world is, I have to take a break and feel the fabric-smell the paint. It is gratifying to work with my hands and come back to a substantial reality. Which is why food blogging is just perfect for me; it's a great combo of the physical work and pleasure that slips into our blog!

there you go, folks. check 'em out!

p.s. if you would like to swap buttons, i'm down with that. contact me via email!
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What lovely bloggers you chose--I can't wait to check them all out later today! :)

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Such a fun post! Thanks for having us!

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Thanks so much for doing this! It looks great! I'm excited to go "meet" some of your other friends :)

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