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weekend update.

interior obsessions: color pop by paper & stitch
on rejection by the mermaid chronicles
oceans [where feet may fail] by van wynsberg nest

- meeting beautiful people from other countries and hearing their stories
- good fellowship [this extrovert needs it]
- freaking out during an episode of dr. who and texting the bestie about it. nerd alert.
- going through old baby photos of my brother and me. ah, sentimentality.
- trips to REI. i like REI but i get bored super fast if i have nothing i'm looking for or if i can't buy anything. however, my dad gets LOST in that store. i mean, we seriously can't get him to leave. i'm pretty sure he'd take up residency in a tent in that place.
- starting physical therapy. who says that?? but really, i'm excited. as painful as it is, it just means i'm a day closer to walking normally! a word of advice, don't ever break your foot.

1. i speak spanglish on a regular basis. i'm weird like that.
2. my heart lives in colorado
3. i have my bachelor's degree in interior design

what were some highlights of your week[end]??


p.s. congrats to elena!! she is the winner of the GAP giveaway!
Unknown said...

I love REI! And if I could move to colorado tomorrow I would do it...

Highlight of my weekend? Getting my double BOB stroller :)

Katie Cook said...

Yeah so excited to have found your blog:) I also LOVE meeting people from other counries and getting to know them. Helps expand our perspective and world so much!!! Excited to get to know you better:) Love Katie