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thursday's letters.

dear coworkers, y'all are the best. i love random lunch break target trips. dear chacos, get ready to be on my feet all weekend. we might even get to hop into a kayak for an afternoon. dear dandelions, stay with me forever? although, the way you float away on the wind is pretty magical. dear bath & bodyworks, i am almost out of my favorite lotion and am incredibly sad that you have discontinued that scent. dear nashville, watch out. i will be seeing you next weekend.

what are your weekend plans? 
Amy said...

Which scent from BBW did you love that they no longer have?
Ooooo nashville eh? That sounds like so much fun!
Also target, i could spend HOURS in there!

Cheek.HM said...

1) I'm slightly jealous that you live in a location that your chacos can make an appearance for the WHOLE weekend.

2) I love these little Thursday Letters/Notes - cute idea

3) I'm headed to my 3rd REI Garage Sale in a month and think it's definitely a perk of living in the Chicago area.

Allison said...

Love these pictures!! So pretty.

Unknown said...

Love love love your dandelion pictures! Oh and have fun in Nashville! I love Nashville too :)

ThistleAshD said...

agree with Jen- the dandelion pictures are so pretty! and I hate when scents are discontinued! Just got my last bottle ever of my favorite perfume for Christmas. I will be sad when its gone!