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weekend update.

- dyeing easter eggs with my core group girls. it's an annual tradition.
- having breakfast with my favorite 5 year old
- getting to skype with my friend, mer (she was my camper a couple years ago). she's going back to work at camp this summer and each week we are going through part of the Bible study she'll be doing with her campers. it's a blessing to continue learning from jesus and from each other.
- easter dinner with my cousins and grandparents
- watching dr. who (what can i say? i love him.)


1. i miss the old taylor swift. you know, the one with curly hair?
2. if there weren't any negative consequences, i could totes eat my weight in peanut m&m's.
3. i may or may not watch musicals by myself. and i may or may not sing along to every song. i was born for broadway…or an animated movie…since i get stage fright.

how was your easter?

Amy said...

i miss the old taylor swift too...she's turning into a hollywoodized version of her former self...so sad.
Peanut m&m's...yes yum oh my gosh yum.
I also watch musicals by myself, and lame/cheesy disney channel/abc family movies because i need a certain dose of cheese in my life! :)

Jenna Brianne said...

oh my gosh i am dying over that video!!! thanks for sharing it, definitely brightened my day haha. and I also would be in major trouble if i could eat all the M&Ms I wanted, except my favorite kind is Coconut :)

-Jenna Brianne