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weekend update.

- lunch and baby clothes shopping with my bestie
- aimie [my preggers friend] had her reveal party and now knows she is having a GIRL. i couldn't be more excited. i'm about to be an adopted aunt! i think this is a fitting gift...
- going to a phillip phillips concert! dreams do come true. if you've known me for a while, you know how much i love this kid. my friend joli and i watched his season of amercian idol and would come to work and re-watch his performances over and over the next day. we're pretty big fans. i mean, who wouldn't be? he's southern, adorably awkward, and a super talented musician.

check this out. the kiddos are so presh.

1. i'm a little obsessed with stripes this year. i don't know why.
2. some days and by that i mean a lof of the days, i listen to disney music at work. i am a grown up.
3. i am the queen of awkward moments. trust me.
4. colorado bound in 2 days. i'm so excited, i may not sleep.
Amy said...

Phillip phillips... ::swoon:: so jealous!
LOVE the onesie, so dang cute seriously!
Stripes = my favorite always. :)

Kiki said...

I only discovered Phillip Phillips this year, and that video of him with that kid's choir is beyond adorable! Girl, you always share the best Youtube videos! :)